A great mix of music heard nowhere else this afternoon from 4-6pm, Radio Dixie 91.3 FM.

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Join the Radio Dixie Staff. Take MDIA 2380, learn radio fundamentals, and become employed by Radio Dixie. (DSU part time student policy)

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Doing what we do here on Saturday afternoon. Rock on Dixie! 🤘

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I'm live streaming on @YouTube. Come watch: https://t.co/zuU5fWr3hE

I'm live streaming on @YouTube. Come watch: https://t.co/nDD8bMNYDy

Ready for some trivia?! What food is made from vegetables oil, egg yolks, lemon juice, and is possibly named after a town in Spain?

We found this gem and thought someone out there had to appreciate it. So here you go!🥑

Ready for some trivia?! Which of the following was not a member of the Beatles?

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