Today from 4-6pm MDT, cool tunes and the usual patter. FM radio the way it used to be!

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Hello Dixie! It’s time for your favorite show again… if you miss it, I’ll be on tomorrow from 11-1, for your lunchtime pleasure. You rock..

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Just me, Bryan here at the Station showing you just some of the toys we have to play with here! You Rock Dixie! 🤘

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This is the storm that’s heading toward Saint George… 🤞 coming from the Northeast.

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What a beautiful day here in Saint George… more awesome tunes on the way!

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Ready for some trivia?! What food is made from vegetables oil, egg yolks, lemon juice, and is possibly named after a town in Spain?

We found this gem and thought someone out there had to appreciate it. So here you go!🥑

Ready for some trivia?! Which of the following was not a member of the Beatles?

Ready for some trivia?! Which music group has received the most Grammy awards?🏆 Tune in between 6-8PM to find out the answer!

Ready for some trivia?! Which chain is considered the first “fast food chain“ in the USA? Tune into Radio Dixie 91.3FM for the correct answer between 6-8pm tonight!

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